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The most detailed Belarus daily economic newsfeed

Belarus economic news; Belarus banking and finance; Belarus real sector; Belarus Legislation; Foreign trade and retail in Belarus; Macroeconomics

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Unbiased Belarus weekly analysis of politics and economics

In-depth reports on top political, social, economic event, expert opinions, brief summary for quick reference

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Exclusive economic and sectoral analysis of Belarus economy

Reviews on Belarus real sector, macroeconomic situation, banking and finance, energy sector, industry, technology, consumer market

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Mass Media Monitoring

Popular topics for monitoring: energy, banks, consumer market, tobacco market, telecommunications.

We will prepare an overview of Belarusian media publications on any on-demand topic.



PrimePress Agency is a reputable independent provider of news and analytical reviews from Belarus. 

Our expertise is independent as we use subscription business model. Our subscribers are banks and financial institutions, international companies, 

foreign embassies in Belarus, big businesses and investors. 

The PrimePress team has been working successfully since 2003. Our authors are journalists, economists, bankers, industry experts.



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